Gas Leak Detection

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Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks, such as natural gas leaks and propane leaks, can occur in both businesses and homes. Also, complex leaks caused by faulty gas pipelines can be difficult to address. Natural gas is also transported via gas pipelines through the process of being extracted from underground reservoirs and then removing impurities. Therefore, it is primarily transported as methane gas.

In order to prevent the pungent odour of mercaptan, you should close the main gas valve or shut off the gas supply to your home or office. You should then open all doors and windows to help dissipate the gas, and avoid creating any sparks or flames that may ignite the gas. Therefore, you should contact us immediately at 02-89600868.

Moreover, even little leaks of gas are dangerous. Therefore, our Gas Fitters are capable of finding and repairing any leaks of gas. The experts at your local gas fitting company are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any gas appliance repairs, replacements and a new gas installation. Are you aware that there are several different factors that will help identify whether your home, business or apartment has leaking gas pipes or units?

Gas Leak detection

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