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Paloma Gas Heater Repairs & Servicing

We specialise in Paloma Gas Heater Repairs & Servicing.  We can also do Paloma gas heater installation in your home.

Our staff recommends checking all controls like pilot lights, gas valves, and gas regulators are functional and that the gas pressures are correct on the Paloma gas heater. This will benefit the efficiency of the product and ensure a safe operation. Make sure your appliance has a longer life and minimises possible downtime. If you are not sure you can refer to your Paloma heater manual or ask for help from professionals like us.

This is why it is important only to leave servicing your gas heater to qualified technicians. We are very familiar with Paloma heaters and Paloma parts. Also, it is required for our service technicians to be licensed gas fitters or factory technicians.

Paloma Gas Heater Service
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Moreover, we provide complete service, from repairs and maintenance of Paloma Gas Heaters to guiding you through buying the right Paloma gas heating system for your home. This gas heater requires professional installation to ensure energy efficiency and avoid carbon monoxide leaks.

We offer exceptional Paloma gas heater service that always arrives on time and treats no job too small. Lastly, we strive to provide a cohesive and efficient customer service experience and to leave every project neat and tidy.

Try never to attempt to fix gas appliances or space heaters by yourself or allow someone who isn’t qualified to try to do it for you. We at Apex Gas Heater Service offer quality gas plumbing services, specializing in Paloma Gas Heater service, repair, installation, and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in Japan in 1911, Paloma is an international gas appliances manufacturing company.

Today, it’s one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gas appliances for homes and businesses.

Installing gas at your home and connecting a quick release valve for you is the work of a qualified gas appliance installer. You can then connect your gas heater to the valve when you need to use it.

With convection heaters, the fan inside the unit pushes air over the gas, which heats it up. After that, it circulates the warm air out of the unit into the room. This method of heat transport is much faster than radiant heating.

You can fit various Paloma gas outlets in your home or office. This enables you to turn off and detach your Paloma gas heater from the gas outlet and re-join it to another area that requires warmth. Additionally, it can be tucked away while you’re out of town during the summertime.

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