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Everdure Gas Heater Repairs & Servicing

Are you looking for Everdure gas heater repairs & servicing? Look no further than the best Everdure service provider in Sydney.

Our authorised Everdure service technicians can provide a professional inspection and cleaning of your gas heater regardless of when it was installed. Our regular servicing makes your gas heater performs better, ensures safe operation, minimises any potential downtime and extends appliance life. This is how you can check the cost-effectiveness of our services. 

It is crucial that your gas heater is maintained by qualified technicians. In most cases, qualified technicians include licensed natural gas fitters and factory technicians. Everdure Gas Heater Repairs and maintenance. Helping you find the right Everdure heating system for your home.

We provide affordable, on-time and high-quality Everdure gas heater installation services, will always be on time, and will consider no job to be too small. We make sure you enjoy your gas heating without any gas leaks. 

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The work we undertake is always left neat and tidy, and our customer service is unsurpassed. We are a licensed and qualified gas plumber servicing Everdure Heaters. 

So for any emergency, contact us to avail of our great service. As the number one gas heater service in Sydney, we now have a wider reach even providing Everdure gas heater service Newcastle-wide and other nearby areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the gas regulator that is covered with frost that can freeze the gas inside it and cause the line to freeze up. However, this only occurs if the regulator is subfreezing for an extended period of time.

To resolve this issue, soak a bath towel in hot water, dry it, and wrap it around the regulator.

Once it thaws, the gas will start flowing again, so you can turn the burner on once again.

Many heaters need to be “warmed up” by holding the button down for around 30 seconds after it lights. If that did not work, then maybe it is time for an annual service. Call us at (02) 8960 0868 to organise a service.

Make sure you hold the button for 30 seconds to turn it on. Check the heater’s filters are clean. If they aren’t, wipe the grills gently with a clean cloth or vacuum them.

Do not try to open the heater as you will just make matters worse. Reset the device and unplug it from the wall for 5 seconds.

If the problem persists, maybe it’s time for service as Everdure heaters should be serviced once a year.

The most likely cause of a gas smell in your heater is a leak in the burner exchanger. No other reason for the smell in your heater to be regular. If it’s coming from the ducts, the leak in the heat exchanger is likely the cause.

A gas-smelling heater can cause serious problems, so you should turn it off immediately and call for a service at (02) 8960 0868.

Gases like carbon monoxide are odourless, so you won’t smell them if they’re coming from your heater, but other smells may indicate other problems.

The thermocouple is the copper rod situated next to the pilot light. It controls a small valve that allows the gas supply to be stopped if the flame fails. All that gas can get into your home if the valve is left open.

This would cause an explosion if ignited, so the thermocouple acts like a lifeguard, keeping a watchful eye on things until something goes wrong.

If the thermocouple is broken, it will shut the valve even though the pilot light is functioning correctly, and you will be unable to open it manually, either.

In this case, a professional needs to replace the thermocouple, but don’t worry, they’re not expensive.

Dirt and grime can ruin your heater, waste gas, and create health risks. Poorly maintained heaters can cause fires and airborne vapors that can harm your family. It is highly recommended that you clean the parts you can – at least every two to three months – and schedule regular maintenance with a licensed gas fitter. Always refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on cleaning your particular model.

You should contact an authorized gas heater service technician to clean the pilot light equipment, remove the bracket, unscrew the nuts that hold the thermocouple and pilot gas line, and lay the thermocouple and pilot on an old, but clean, towel.

Please check that the heater is properly connected and that the power has not been interrupted. Turn it off for five seconds and then turn it on again. If the problem persists, please contact us at (02) 8960 0868.

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