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Gas Heater Repairs

We are the Sydney Expert Gas heater repair team.

We offer the same day repair service and even free service to our clients per our terms and condition.

Repairing a gas heater by self can be a hassle and risky that’s why you need a licensed and expert team of Apex gas heater service.

Basic gas heater problems and solutions

1.Your heater doesn’t turn on: It can become frustrating if you can not feel the flame coming from your gas heater. As always, make sure your main gas valve is turning on. If you’re not sure whether your heater is plugged in correctly, our blog posts can help you figure it out if you’re still having trouble give us a call today.

2. Error code: Occurrence of error code at your gas heater can be troublesome, some of the measures are listed below to troubleshoot it,

  1. It usually indicates an ignition problem or a lack of gas in the system.
  2. Always be sure the gas supply is on.
  3. Maintain your filter grills of heaters, make your they are clean as well.
  4. Turn off the power of your heater, for 30 sec, and then turn it on.
  5. If still, it is showing an error message then call Apex gas heater services

3.There is a problem with the Everdure button: 

gas heater repair sydney

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