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Gas Heater Service Sydney
Gas Heater Service Sydney
Gas Heater Service Sydney
Open till late
we offer our services until 9pm including weekends
Best quality
we use high quality products for our clients
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we are always ready to help your house warm
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No hidden cost, we give you best quote on site
Open till late
we offer our services until 9pm including weekends
Best quality
we use high quality products for our clients
Fast Service
we are always ready to help your house warm
Onsite quote
No hidden cost, we give you best quote on site
Open till late
we offer our services until 9pm including weekends
Best quality
we use high quality products for our clients
Fast Service
we are always ready to help your house warm
Onsite quote
No hidden cost, we give you best quote on site

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Gas Heater Service Sydney

Do you need gas heater service Sydney experts? A gas-fueled heat source heats up air using either propane (LPG), butane (LP), or natural gas (NG).  Improper installation and poor maintenance of these gas appliances may pose serious safety hazards. Gas heaters may have gas leaks and could cause fires and accidents in the home.

All gas appliances should be operated in agreement with the safety guidelines provided by the government. The service provider, Apex Gas Heaters, has provided mobile gas heater servicing in Sydney for several years. We also specialise in gas appliance repairs. So if you are searching for a portable gas heater service near you, we are the team that you can rely on.

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Our company provides not only great service but friendly service as well. Our team members are all licensed gas fitters. We can work on popular brands like Rinnai Gas Heater among others. If your gas heater doesn’t work properly, it could be an emergency problem. To fix this issue, contact our qualified technician immediately for professional help.

We specialize in different services including the installation of gas, servicing, and repair of gas furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, air conditioners, hot water heaters, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you select the perfect heating system for your home. We provide upfront installation service and repair costs with no hidden charges.

Why we need a Gas Heater?

What is the importance of a gas heater? People without proper heating in Australia might have a hard time surviving the bitterly cold winter, which makes them constantly looking for ways to stay warm. Invest in the comfort of your home with a heating system like a gas room heater or a portable gas heater from Apex Gas heaters.

Heaters powered by gas deliver instant heat, but they also have many benefits that make them the preferred heat source of many Australians.

Some of the benefits of a Gas heater are  :

Affordability:  It’s advantageous the fact that natural gas heaters are less expensive than oil heaters. The cost of running a gas heater is minimal, so you will not be disappointed with the amount you pay.

Environment Friendly: Heating with gas is much cleaner and safer than heating with coal or oil. Furthermore, gas does not emit any sulfur, making it both more efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

Reliability: Gas heating systems are the only ones not affected by an outage in power. When the power goes out due to a storm, your family is safe as long as your gas heating setup keeps you warm and cosy.

Highly Efficient: With natural gas heaters, your house will heat up not only faster, but also warmer than the heat that an electric heater can produce and maintain. Besides being cheaper than electric, natural gas burns quicker and hotter, meaning your home warms up quicker and keeps warmer.

Apex Gas Heating Services

Gas Heater Repairs Sydney

We are proud of our gas heater repairs Sydney team. We are Sydney expert Gas heater, service provider. It is essential, especially for those living in cold climates, that your home is heated in order to keep you warm and comfortable and to keep your home warm Gas heater is the best solution.

 Using a gas heater has its own Pros and cons 

Gas heater Pros : 

  1. Heating your home with a flue gas heater is a convenient and effective method of heating a home.
  2. If you have a large space to heat, gas can be a great choice.
  3. In general, gas is a better option for the environment.
  4. It is easy to solve carbon monoxide and water vapour issues by removing the fumes through a flue or a pipe.

Cons :

  1. Small amounts of carbon monoxide from gas may be harmful since it is a waste product.
  2. The gas can also produce water vapour, which may have the potential to cause condensation and possibly mould.
Gas Heater services

Why Gas heater is efficient than an electric heater?

A gas heater is a great choice when it comes to indoor heating. Heating your house with Natural Gas or LPG is more affordable than using electricity and it heats more powerfully. The fact that gas heating produces fewer carbon emissions than burning coal to generate electricity makes it a more environmentally friendly alternative.

When choosing the right indoor gas heater for your space, make sure you compare the size of your room and the kW output of the heater. In simple terms, 1kW of heat will heat roughly 10 meters square.

Gas Heater Room Size Guide

Below is a size guide, or see more in our Heating Buying Guide.

Room Size Gas Consumption KW output
Small (29-42sqm) 12-15 MJ/h 2.5-4.1 kW
Medium (46-66sqm) 18-24 MJ/h 3.2-6.2 kW
Large (52-82sqm) 25+ MJ/h 5.2-8.5 kW

 You can choose from a wide range of indoor heaters this winter and warm up your whole family with a gas heater.


NSW Safety Guidelines to Use Gas heater In home :

To prevent any exposure to harmful gases from heaters, it is important to ensure:

  1. the heater and gas supply are certified, properly installed and regularly serviced
  2. the room where the heater is situated is well ventilated
  3. the heater is turned off when you leave home or work
  4. children are supervised around heaters.

For more information check the site: NSWHealth

Keeping Your House Warm This Winter. Apex Gas Heater Service – Get in touch today!

Why Choose Apex Gas Heater Service?

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Trusted by many, we use high-quality products to complete the job with your utmost satisfaction

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We are open until late and even weekends, provide our services to our customers 7 days a week

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Our services are stunningly affordable and we do not compromise in quality of work

About Us


We are locally based gas heater specialists in Sydney, we are your go-to gas heater experts. Whether installing propane hot water systems or natural gas heaters on a residential property can be a challenging job.

We always have licensed residential gas fitters waiting to pick up where you left off. Not to mention, the best Sydney gas heating services are open now! We have serviced gas heaters all across Sydney.

But no matter how big or small your gas heating issue is, if it is LPG gas repairs or gas heater repairs in Sydney or any other heating problem you can think of, we will send a professional to get the job done fast, Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can safely operate an outdoor propane-powered unit even if you don’t own one. However, it is important to maintain it properly and service it regularly by our gas heater service Sydney experts.

A regular inspection of your heating system by our gas heater service Sydney professionals is necessary to ensure that it’s not malfunctioning.

It’s important to note that an un-inspected heating system could pose serious risks.

If you notice that your heating system is not operating properly or some of its parts are not working as expected, it might be time to get it checked out by a qualified professional.

In addition, if there are odours of natural gases coming from the unit itself, then it is probably leaking something. You should immediately shut down and unlink the power supply if such an instance occurs, and call for assistance right away.

Even though you might encounter no of these issues yourself, you should still schedule your heating system for maintenance every one to two years.

You can easily remove the dirt from the exterior grates of your heater by cleaning them yourself using a cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

However, never dismantle the heater itself to get rid of the dirt because this could potentially cause damage to the product. It would be best to find an expert plumber for water heater repair for situations like these.

When compared to electric heaters, gas heaters are extremely energy efficient. They typically consume less than 600watt of electricity to run, whereas electric heaters can consume up to 5,000watt.

Therefore, they’re far less expensive to run.

A heating system may be hooked up to an existing electrical circuit by connecting a cable between the two outlets if there isn’t already a connection between them.

To disconnect the old connection, just remove the cable. Then move the heating unit to another part of the house where there is a power source available. Plug the cable back into the new power supply.

Ensure that the hoses are connected correctly so that they don’t leak. If you notice any leaks when the stove is running, stop using the stove immediately and call an expert for help.

Portable heaters can be used in any room where there’s a gas line running through them.

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